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alaire ([personal profile] alaire) wrote2013-02-04 11:55 pm
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It's done. He officially broke up with me. To be honest, I felt like this relationship was doomed as soon as I started getting attached to him.

We got into so many fights. And we forgave each other. And the cycle went on. And you know who perpetuated this? Me.

I never gave him space. I was jealous of every single thing that came near him. And I hardly respected him. In fact, I envied him. Even loathed him. I guess I really deserve it.

You know, I've always been a loner and got used to being by myself. But now that this happened, I suddenly realized how burdening this emotion really is.

I feel so alone now...but I really did bring this upon myself. With my selfishness.

All of that talk of was a lie all along. A lie that I made into a reality.

I wonder if there'd be anyone else who could love me the same way that he did.